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Why Church Sucks

September 14, 2018

Why Church Sucks



If you’ve ever wondered why church sucks, then this is the video for you! I offer you two practical solutions as to why church sucks and why should Christians attend church? Chances are, you are much like me that, by the time church comes around on the weekend, you are exhausted.

I hope you aren’t in a situation where you hate going to church because you aren’t being fulfilled but if you are, this video will be sure to help you! Do I have to go to church? Well, this isn’t really a salvation issue but I think you will enjoy my answers to the possible reasons as to why church is a waste of time for you and why you feel that church is so boring.

The reasons to attend church regularly can be many fold but if you aren’t being fulfilled, fed and serving then, chances are, you too wonder what the problem with church today truly is. Let’s discover together why church sucks and what we can do about it.

Please check out this message from my own Pastor, Aaron Burke of Radiant Church here in Tampa, Florida. I really think you’ll enjoy it as he discusses reasons why God wants you to go to church.


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