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October 3, 2018

Check out my reaction to the viral Buzzfeed video, “I Stopped Believing In God After Pastoring A Megachurch”. There have been a lot of believing in God reaction videos but I share something VERY MUCH in common with the Gungor family.

Watch to find out! This Lisa Gungor interview provides insight into the Michael Gungor atheist dilemma and their experience as a megachurch Pastor. With the release of her new book, “The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen” Grammy nominated artist Lisa Gungor goes deep on family, church, and being pushed out of the world she knew so well.

I truly feel sorry for this family as it seems as though they have dealt with a great deal of persecution, heartbreak and depression. How can we learn from this to be more loving Christians? The BuzzfeedVideo, I Stopped Believing In God After Pastoring A Megachurch, is a very interesting video detailing how a Christian became atheist.

What are your thoughts?

I truly hope you enjoy my, “i stopped believing in god after pastoring a megachurch reaction” and thank you, so much, for stopping by. THESE are the kinds of families, as Christians, that we should be loving on.

God Bless and MadLuv!

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