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What Do You Christians Want Anyway?

October 1, 2017

What Do You Christians Want Anyway?

I spend a lot of time watching Christian apologists such as Ravi Zacharias and Nabeel Qureshi. Thank you God, for YouTube.

Like 99% of the world, I also have a social media presence and have witnessed my share of religious ‘comment wars’ on the internet.

I recently witnessed to somebody about Jesus and there was one resounding thought in my mind as I did so. Something that I believe we, as Christians, do such a poor job of, is understanding WHY we are witnessing to somebody whether it be via a conversation or online. WHY am I witnessing or, perhaps, debating with this person?

Too often I’ve seen a debate or attempt to witness the love of Christ turn into a war of words and the Christian suddenly become more concerned about ‘winning’ for the sake of winning, rather than caring anymore about the actual person.

I feel safe to say, that we’ve all done it.

Recently, on Facebook, I saw a stream of comments on a religious topic. Please forgive me for I forget the actual topic at hand. But I remember seeing a non-Christian make some comments that weren’t particularly rude or disrespectful but they weren’t, with all due respect, particularly well thought out. I had a sense that this person was ‘new’ in their search for, “OK, what’s this Jesus thing all about anyway?”. This non-believer was berated and heckled by two Christian women in particular who began to comment back and forth to one another about how little the non-believer knew and what a ‘moron’ he was.

Lets jump back to my recent conversation I mentioned at the beginning of this article. I wanted to make one point abundantly clear to this person I was witnessing to… I told them this:

As a Christian I’m not looking to win a debate. You know what I get if YOU accept Jesus? No. I don’t get a ‘commission’. I don’t get a better chance of getting into Heaven because of my ‘works’. Jesus paid the price already. I WANT TO SPEND ETERNITY WITH YOU. I DON’T WANT YOU TO GO TO HELL. I WANT YOU, LIKE JESUS WANTS YOU!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not professing to be perfect or good at this. I’ve messed up my chances at a good witness on so many occasions. But I do believe that we have to be ON POINT about WHAT we want as Christians when we witness to others.


We should be looking to ‘win’ souls FOR HIM!

NOT ‘win’ conversations or debates FOR OURSELVES!

I leave you with this:

When you witness to somebody about Jesus, understand, it’s NOT about you. It’s about THEM and it’s about JESUS! YOU just make the introductions.

Remember.. What Do Us Christians Want Anyway? We want the LOST, FOUND!

Please, if you find yourself in a debate or witnessing, fight your flesh. Your flesh just wants to win an argument for that ego boost! Refocus, and make it ALL about THEM and JESUS. Because at one point, someone else made it all about YOU and JESUS.

God Bless and Mad Luv!

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