Christian YouTuber and Blogger. Former atheist. Foodie. Soccer Nut.

What Is MadLuv

To be a Christian we have to be a little different. Let’s be honest, we believe in a supernatural savior and by the worlds standards, that’s just ‘Mad’. In addition to this the word ‘mad’ is sometimes used to mean ‘a lot’. ‘That’s a ‘mad’ amount of Nutella that I’m going to send Daniel!’ (hint hint).

Love. The foundation of Christ’s message is love. It is the foundation on what we as Christians should operate on and extend to every single person around us. However, I made the word ‘love’ incredibly cool by spelling it ‘luv’. I know, I know, I’m incredibly original and cool.

So when you see me sign off on videos and with ‘Mad Luv’ you now know exactly what I’m talking about. In fact, this was a term that Christian friends of mine and I would use quite often ‘back in the day’.

God Bless you and Mad Luv!